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Jason Felisbret Speaks - Bringing Your Words to Life!


Narrated & Produced

The Port Chicago Mutiny
The Story of the Largest Mass Mutiny Trial in U.S. Naval History by Dr. Robert L. Allen

Narrated by Jason Felisbret

Proceeds from this audiobook benefit
The Friends of Port Chicago National Memorial

Sign the Petition to
The Port Chicago 50


The African American Guide to the Bible (The Second Edition) by Dr. H.C. Felder

Narrated by Jason Felisbret

Audiobook TAAGTTB Cover Art.png

Optimize Your Health: A practical guide to lowering your risk of a heart attack or stroke by Andy Beal

Narrated by Jason Felisbret

Optimize Your Heart Cover Art.png

The Ministry of the Wife: Understanding Your Calling by Douglas Asante

Narrated by Jason Felisbret

TMOTW Cover.jpg

21 Tests of Effective Leadership by Larry Kreider


Narrated by Jason Felisbret

21ToeL Cover.jpg

The Celestial Advantage by Obadiah E. Harris 


Narrated by Jason Felisbret

The Celestial Advantage.png

Through the Fire: Based on a True Story by Adrian C. Walker II


Narrated by Jason Felisbret

TtF Cover.jpg
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